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Xpeng X2 eVTOL completed a cross-river flight in China [Video]

Mass production and deliveries to start in 2025.

Geely’s Flying Car, AE200 X01, Completes First Flight Test

It's turning into a two horse race between Geely and Xpeng. Who's your bet on to launch the first Chinese flying car?

New Two-Seater Detachable ‘Flying Car’ Prototype Released In Beijing

It turns out XPeng are not the only ones interested in building flying cars from China.

XPeng Unveils Latest Flying Car, Robot, and More At Tech Day Event

These are the best bits of the annual XPeng Tech Day

XPeng ‘Flying Car’ Goes to Dubai for Flight Test and Tech Show

On September 12, XPeng-backed Urban Air Mobility firm - XPeng AeroHT - announced that it will participate in the Gitex Global Technology exhibition billed...

XPeng AeroHT Completes ‘Flying Car’ Trial Factory in China

On July 25, the Chinese Urban Air Mobility company (UAM), XPeng AeroHT, officially completed its trial production factory. The new trial factory is based...

It Is Real! XPeng Tests Flying Car On Roads In China

Recently, XPeng applied for a patent for a flying car. It looked like a real car with a giant roof rotors box. Suddenly, some...

XPeng New Flying Car Patent Images Leaked

XPeng applied for a patent for its new flying car. It has a large case on the roof with several rotors. Previously, XPeng claimed...

XPeng displays Voyager X2 flying car!

“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads!” XPeng has recently shown off their Voyager X2 flying car, slated for release by the end of...