Haval Shenshou Is A New SUV-Coupe For China

Haval Shenshou

Great Wall launches new cars faster than light, under their various brand names, now including Great Wall, Haval, WEY, Tank, and ORA. The latest new car is this Haval Shenshou, a sporty SUV-coupe with a surprisingly daring design. Haval usually does it more boring. The name is interesting too; Shenshou means ‘mythical beast’.

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Ora Punk Cat NOT a Volkswagen Beetle?


Planned for market release next year, the Punk Cat is the creation of Ora, a subsidiary of Great Wall Motors. Ora has had good success in the Chinese car market lately, with a lineup of small, quirky electric city cars.

First appearing in the 2021 Shanghai auto show, the Punk Cat created quite a stir amongst car journalists and netizens alike, with discussions mostly surrounding the “originality” of the design. Along with the Punk cat, a suspiciously Panamera-looking Lightning Cat concept was also displayed, which added to the controversy.

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Top 3 exciting cars launched at Chongqing Auto Show. And one surprise

Great Wall Poer Pickup
Great Wall Poer Artillery pickup

I like Chongqing Auto Show. Compared with Shanghai Auto, which traditionally takes place in April, Chongqing is much smaller but more pragmatic. Shanghai is more about showing muscles, the latest technology, and concept cars. “Launch in 2025” was the favorite phrase there. There is lots of PR. But at Chongqing, automakers show more cars you can actually buy now or soon. My colleague Tycho would probably say this show is less focused on millennials. Let’s have a look at the three highlights of the show and one surprise.

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