Not a concept car! HiPhi A sedan unveiled with 0-100 kph acceleration in 2 seconds, packing 1,287 hp

This is not a concept car, deliveries to start in 2025. Also the battery can discharge 1.5MW at its peak.

HiPhi Z City Version launched in China for 69,800 USD. Price sliced by 16%

HiPhi Z City Version is a luxury EV sedan from China with 672 hp and 535 km of range. HiPhi Z is also available for reservations in Europe.

HiPhi Z to get a cheaper version with smaller battery and 535 km of range

The HiPhi Z City Version will get a 90-kWh ternary battery for 535 km of CLTC range. To start from 69,450 USD.

How do Chinese EV makers roll out new products so quickly?

How did a brand-new Chinese EV maker produce 3 new models in two years and sell a hundred thousand?

HiPhi Y electric SUV launched, starting at 47,500 USD

HiPhi is a manufacturer focusing on high-end EVs, and the HiPhi Y SUV is the company's cheapest model yet.

HiPhi Y electric SUV to launch on July 15 for 52,200 USD. Nio ES6 competitor

The HiPhi Y electric SUV with gull-wing doors, 810 km of range and up to 504 hp is ready for an international launch.

HiPhi Y is here to rival the all-new Nio ES6. Will gull-wing doors help it?

The starting price of the HiPhi Y was disclosed right after the Nio ES6 NT2 launch. Which car is a better choice for 52,000 USD?

Taking the HiPhi Z for a spin: China’s electrifying GT sets its sights on the Porsche Taycan

Discover the HiPhi Z, China's eye-catching electric GT! Unleash the future of driving today.

HiPhi Y SUV with 810 km of range confirmed. New spy shots

The HiPhi Y exposed with a massive 115-kWh battery and up to 810 km of pure-electric range. It is ready to rival Nio, XPeng and others.

HiPhi Y SUV Is Less Crazy Than The X And Z But Still Very Different

Not that manic but 335 hp at the rear is nice to have.