Wuling Bingo pre-orders start in China for only 14 USD

Customers can choose from five models available in 203km and 333km CLTC cruising ranges.

Wuling Bingo Official Interior Pics – With an Optional Inflatable Airbed

The Bingo gets a classy interior with brown leather seats and a digital assistant.

Wuling Bingo Officially Unveiled In China, Will Launch At End Of March

Earlier, a Wuling Bingo product manager revealed that the price will start around 10,300 USD.

Wuling Bingo Arrives At The Dealer In China

Wuling grows up with a trendy EV hatchback.

Wuling Bingo Interior And Trim-Levels Exposed. Price Starts At 10,300 USD

What can Wuling Bingo offer you for 10,300 USD? Let's find out together.

Wuling Mini EV Has Sold 1 million Units. Price Starts At 4,400 USD

SAIC-GM-Wuling announced that the cumulative global sales of this model had reached 1.11 million since launch. The minimum selling price of it dropped from 32,800 yuan to 29,800 yuan

Wuling Journey MPV Goes Electric In China

Affordable electric MPVs are a thing now.

Wuling Bingo EV City Car To Launch In March 2023 – BYD Seagull Rival

Is the Wuling Bingo good enough to rival the upcoming BYD Seagull? Let's find out together.

Wuling Bingo Electric Hatchback Exposed By Chinese MIIT With 333KM Cruising Range

The Wuling Bingo is expected to launch on the Chinese car market within the first quarter of 2023

Wuling Air ev Launched In China With $9,700 Starting Price

The Wiling Air ev also has a 300 km cruising range.