BYD Yuan

BYD Yuan UP revealed in official images as it enters China in March

BYD Yuan UP will enter the Chinese market in March with 401 km range and an e-motor for 130 kW.

BYD Yuan UP all-electric SUV will have 301 km and 401 km ranges

The Yuan UP is expected to be BYD's smallest SUV to date.

BYD Yuan Plus (Atto 3) Champion Edition will launch on September 15 in China

Known internationally as the Atto 3, the Yuan Plus Champion Edition might offer 430 km and 510 km pure electric cruising ranges.

2023 BYD Yuan Pro sub-compact SUV pre-sale starts at 14,500 USD

It comes with an 8-in-1 electric powertrain in which BYD manufactures all of the components.

BYD Yuan Pro EV is a 401km range, 136hp family car for 12 000 USD

Compared to internal combustion vehicles, electric cars are often seen as expensive and experimental transportation for the rich - indeed, it takes time for...

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BYD Yuan launched on the Chinese car market

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BYD Yuan arrives at the Dealer in China

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