OPINION Should the EU follow China in adopting PHEVs?

As sales of PHEVs surge in China they fall in Europe. Should Europe follow China's lead and are PHEVs a way into the EU for China?

Second Leapmotor car made in Europe, A12, will come with Lidar

Chinese media claim that the Leapmotor A12 the second model set for European production will come with Lidar

BYD’s first transport ship EXPLORER NO.1 has been delivered and left the port

BYD EXPLORER NO.1 can load 7,000 vehicles at a time, and its maiden voyage will be to Europe.

Zeekr kicks off deliveries in Europe, beginning in Netherlands with 001

Nine months after Zeekr announced its European plans, 001 has its first customer.

Great Wall is the first automaker to submit materials to EU anti-subsidy investigation

"China's auto overseas expansion will be bumpy, but our commitment is unshakable," said Feng Mu, GWM President

Great Wall considers Germany, Hungary, and Czechia as locations for its first European plant

GWM plans to sell 6000 units of ORA Funky Cat in Germany in 2023.

BYD is in talks to build an EV factory in France. Germany and Spain are also in the game

BYD want to start mass production of EVs in Europe by 2025.

BYD brings two new models to Europe at the Barcelona Motor Show

The 2023 Barcelona Auto Show opened its doors to auto enthusiasts and industry experts on May 11, and two new BYD models for the...

Zeekr will enter most Western European countries by 2026, without dealers

Zeekr launched a European website where buyers can book the 001 EV.