Voyah Free

New Voyah Free launched in China for 36,660 USD with 1,221 km of range

New Voyah Free is an EREV SUV with 1,211 km of range, 480 hp and four screens inside. Its price was cut by 20%.

Dongfeng’s new Voyah Free SUV will launch on August 19 with 1,201 km cruising range

The new Voyah Free is equipped with Baidu's Apollo Highway Driving Pro autonomous driving system.

Voyah Entered Israeli Market, FREE SUV Delivery Starts In March 2023

The Voyah FREE SUV is now opened for reservation in Israel.

Voyah FREE Electric SUV Delivery Started In Norway, Price Starts At 73,200 USD

Its 0-100km/h acceleration time takes only up to 4.4 seconds.

Voyah Free Ultra Long Range EV Launched In China, Priced At 56,200 USD

The Voyah Free ultra long range model is officially launched in China on September 15 with a price of 393,600 RMB (56,200 USD). The...

Voyah opens first Space outside China in Norway; FREE SUV delivery starts in Q4 2022

What do you do after establishing yourself in your local market? You do like Voyah, which is expanding to Europe. The EV maker will...

Voyah is entering Norway. Deliveries of 694 HP Free SUV to start in Q4

On February 17, Voyah officially announced it would enter the EU market with its first EV called Free. The first cars will arrive in...

Voyah wins grille game with Dreamer MPV

What has a bigger grille than any BMW, seats from a private jet, and hot-hatch acceleration? Why, the new Voyah Dreamer MPV, of course! Following...

Voyah launched an 800V charger. 400km range in 10 minutes

Voyah Motors is a high-end EV brand under Dongfeng. The Chinese name is Lantu. They announced some exciting news at its 2021 Dongfeng Autumn...

Voyah Free is market-ready

Earlier this year, Car News China reported on the trial production of the Voyah Free, a luxury SUV made by DongFeng under their new...