GWM’s Wey Blue Mountain (Lanshan) Intelligent Driving Edition revealed

New Wey Blue Mountain DHT PHEV Intelligent Driving Edition ups the luxury levels along with self driving in large GWM SUV.

Great Wall Motor adds the third version of its Wey Gaoshan named Co-Creation

The company's first MPV will be available in three versions - Standard, Executive Extended and Co-Creation.

Is it enough to rival Alphard? GWM’s Wey Gaoshan MPV revealed interior

The Wey Gaoshan MPV has 7 seats, a refrigerator for 14 bottles and a PHEV powertrain for 150 km of electric range.

Wey Gaoshan is another Toyota Alphard killer in China

The Wey Gaoshan looks like the Toyota Alphard copycat, but it has impressive tech on board. To debut at Shanghai Auto Show.

Great Wall owned Wey will launch its Wey 80 SUV at 2022 Guangzhou Auto Show

Another SUV from Great Wall Motor's Wey brand

Great Wall Motor’s Wey Brand Asked Enthusiasts To Design Its Flagship SUV

What can an automaker do if its vehicle exterior gets negative receptions from car enthusiasts? GWM’s Wey brand has its own creative answer. After its...

BYD, ORA and Wey Presented Their Cars At The Paris Motor Show 2022

Paris Motor Show is one of the largest automobile exhibitions in the world. And now BYD, ORA and Wey presented their vehicles there. Deliveries of some of...

WEY Yuanmeng DHT-PHEV Is A Crazy Retro-Car From China

We have been waiting for the WEY Yuanmeng for a long time, and it's finally here. WEY has released official photos of the retro...

Wey Yuanming PHEV Is The Biggest Volkswagen Beetle Inspired Vehicle

The Wey Yuanming is a retro hatchback inspired by the Volkswagen Beetle. It is the third vehicle under Great Wall Motors that plays with...

WEY Yuanmeng Is A Crazy Retro Beetle-based Hatchback For China

New patent images of the production version of the WEY Yuanmeng, a crazy retro-style hatchback based on the ORA Punk Cat, which, in turn,...