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Lotus Opens Two New Experience Stores In China

Lotus is bigger in China than it ever was in the UK.

Lotus Envya Type 133 Spied In China With Cameras Instead Of Mirrors

The Lotus Envya undergoes road tests with cameras instead of rearview mirrors and "brake" inscription on the rear windscreen. To debut in H2 2023.

Lotus Envya Type 133 Undergoes Winter Tests In China

The Lotus Envya spied once again, revealing interior! Let's get to it.

Lotus Envya Type 133 Electric Sedan Spied In China

The Lotus Envya electric sedan was spied in China. Its exterior design stays in line with the Lotus Eletre SUV. Let's get to know it better.

Lotus Eletre Launched In China With 918 hp, 600-km Range And Starting Price Of 115,900 USD

The Lotus Eletre is an electric SUV with up to 918 horses, 600 km of range and a starting price of 115,900 USD. Let's get to know it better.

Lotus Eletre Electric SUV Rolls Off Production Line As Lotus’ New Factory At Wuhan Opens

The Lotus Eletre electric SUV has rolled off the production line at Lotus’ new factory in Wuhan. This makes Eletre the first Lotus car...

Lotus Eletre Electric SUV Is Available For Reservation For 750 USD In China

The Lotus Eletre was officially launched in China. Its production will start at the Lotus plant in Wuhan, China. Since today, people in China...

Lotus Eletre Electric SUV Hits Roads in China

The Lotus Eletre electric SUV currently goes through road tests in China. Recently it was spied with a super tall camera pod. So what is Lotus...

Lotus Eletre SUV Unveiled With Lidars Inside Wheels. To Be Built In Wuhan

Lotus Eletre was officially unveiled in London. Although images of this electric SUV leaked just a few hours before its first debut, Lotus managed...

Lotus Eletre Leaks Ahead of Official Launch

Just a few hours before the official unveiling, images of the Lotus Eletre have leaked. On these images we can have a sight on...