Nio built 2,000 battery swap stations globally, leaving Geely, CATL, and GAC far behind

Nio is a market leader in battery swapping business, but they are not alone in China.

Nio surpasses 30 million battery swaps mark in China

Nio swapped 30 million batteries in five and half years.

Nio officially opened a new swap station in Utrecht, Netherlands

The Utrecht swap station went into operation in January, today opening ceremony happend. It is number 4 in Netherlands

Nio opened first swap station in Denmark, the twelfth in Europe

Nio plans to have 1000 swap stations outside China by 2025

Nio swapped record 900,000 batteries in 17 days during the Chinese New Year

Nio charging stations were used 650,000 times and 75% of users were non-Nio brands.

Nio launched its fourth swap station in the Netherlands, Utrecht

It's number 11 in Europe, and the Netherlands now has the most swap stations of all European countries.

Nio surpassed 60,000 battery swaps daily in China

On average, each Nio's PSS conducts 45 swaps/day.

Nio will roll out swap stations in the UK in 2023, according to executive

"We are actively seeking sites throughout all cities in the UK to host our Power Swap Stations, so if you are a landowner or CPO interested in learning more, please do get in touch," Sand posted

NIO Launches 10th Battery Swap Station in Europe

NIO plans to launch 120 power station in Europe by the end of 2023.

Nio opened its second swap station in Sweden, 9th in Europe

It's located in Mantorp on the E4 highway, connecting the two largest cities, Stockholm and Goteborg