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E-platform 3.0

Production version BYD Song L was unveiled in China. To launch in Q4 2023

The production version BYD Song L was unveiled in China. It will have 530 hp, the length over 4800 mm and a starting price of 41,915 USD.

All new BYD Song Plus EV was exposed in China. Bigger and better

The BYD Song Plus EV is ready for the Chinese market with 218 horses and nice styling. Let's get to it.

New BYD e2 EV hatchback launched in China for 14,950 USD

The BYD e2 launched in China with 405 km of CLTC range and only 95 horses. It's aimed at families.

BYD Seagull arrived at dealer in China. Sales are about to start

The BYD Seagull was spotted at the Shenzhen dealer in China. Its sales will soon start in China with a starting price of 11,600 USD.

BYD Atto 3 (Yuan Plus) teardown revealed a lot of high-end tech on board

PCAuto team disassembled BYD Yuan Plus (Atto 3) into pieces.

Denza N7 unveiled in China with loads of BYD tech

The BYD's Denza N7 is unveiled in China with LiDAR sensors, 530 hp and Blade batteries from BYD. LEt's get to more details about the N7.

BYD works on the new MPV based on the Denza D9

The new BYD MPV spied in China. It will become a part of the BYD's Dynasty series. To launch in Q4 2023.

BYD Seagull EV Spied In China In Cute Pink Color. Price Starts At 8,860 USD

The BYD Seagull spied in the wild in cute pink color. To hit the market in April 2023 with a starting price below 9,000 USD.

BYD And Mercedes’ Denza N7 SUV Name Officially Unveiled In China

The Denza' new SUV from BYD has an official name now. Please welcome, the Denza N.

BYD Seal Scores 5 Stars In C-NCAP Crash Test In China

The BYD Seal scored 5 stars in the C-NCAP crash test. Has it got drawbacks? Of course!