GAC Trumpchi

GAC Trumpchi ES9 plug-in hybrid SUV with 1,215 km range launched in China, price starts at 31,400 USD

The Trumpchi ES9 offers a pure electric cruising range of 143 km and a comprehensive range of 1,215 km.

GAC Trumpchi ES9 to go on sale from October 29, now in presale from 31,000 USD

The SUV has been in presale since October 1. It is available in four versions with a price tag starting from 31,500 USD.

At 5.1 meters long, GAC Trumpchi ES9 PHEV SUV pre-sales starts at 31,400 USD in China

GAC Trumpchi ES9's official comprehensive range is 1,215 km while the pure electric cruising range is 143 km.

GAC Trumpchi ES9 PHEV SUV with 1,215 km range will start pre-sale on October 1 in China

Trumpchi ES9 is expected to cost less than 41,100 USD. It is available in 6- and 7-seat layouts.

GAC Trumpchi releases more official photos of E8 interior

Trumpchi's ucpoming MPV releases more photos of the interior.

GAC Trumpchi E8 PHEV MPV rendering revealed in China, will launch in Q4 2023

Trumpchi E8's powertrain will consist of a 1.8L or 2.0L engine combined with a ternary lithium battery pack.

GAC Trumpchi E9 Champion Edition PHEV MPV launched in China

The Trumpchi E9 Champion Edition PHEV MPV launched in China for 48,790 USD with 106 km of electric range, 7 seats and 373 hp.

The Big Read – GAC (4/4) – The self-owned brands

Part 4 of the Automaker Story on GAC. In this episode GAC takes over the Gonow brand and creates its own Trumpchi, Aion and Hycan brands.

GAC Trumpchi E9 luxurious PHEV MPV launched in China. Price starts at 47,000 USD

The GAC Trumpchi E9 launched in China with 1,032 km of mixed range, 373 hp and 6 L/100km of fuel consumption. To rival BYD's Denza D9.

GAC Trumpchi E9 is a new hybrid MPV with over 1000km range

GAC claims that the E9's battery would not ignite even after shooting the full pack of fully charged batteries from a 15 m distance range.