Roewe D5X PHEV launches

Roewe launches new D5X SUV a PHEV. Prices start at $16,550. Car uses fourth generation hybrid system. Had 135 km all electric range.

Roewe D5X PHEV to begin pre-orders at Beijing Auto Show

Roewe D5X an SUV using SAIC's new DMH PHEV system due to start pre-orders at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show.

Nio’s clone? SAIC Roewe D7 EV made its official debut with 610-km range and 211 hp

SAIC Roewe D7 EV sedan has made its official debut in China. It will hit the Chinese market soon with a price tag between 20,850 – 27,800 USD.

SAIC’s Roewe RX9 SUV Will Hit Chinese Market In Feb 2023

The RX9 is a new flagship SUV under the SAIC's Roewe brand. It will hit the Chinese market in Feb 2023 with triple screen and AWD.

Roewe Announces New Sedan & SUV For The Chinese Car Market

Roewe is as busy a bee as any serious Chinese car brand. Roewe currently sells no less than 21 models, but that is surely...

New Roewe RX5 And eRX5 Launched On The Chinese Car Market

The new Roewe RX5 and eRX5 have launched on the Chinese car market. The RX5 is the petrol version and the eRX5 is the...

Roewe RX9 Is A New Seven-seat SUV For China

This is the Roewe RX9, a new seven-seat SUV for the Chinese car market. The RX9 is the new flagship of SAIC's Roewe brand....

New Roewe RX5 SUV For China Takes Big Grille Design To The Next Level

This is the new Roewe RX5 for China. The Roewe RX5 is a compact crossover SUV manufactured by SAIC Motor. The new car stands...

SAIC’s R RYZR concept

In the world of concepts, there are ideas that are out there and there are ideas that are out there. SAIC's Roewe-R RYZR concept...

Roewe On The Attack With The Crazy Roewe Whale SUV-Coupe And The Luxury Roewe RX5 Max

Roewe, a brand under SAIC, keeps up busy lately. They launch a new car every month or so and there ain't no end in...