ORA (Great Wall)

ORA released the 2023 Funky Cat with a discount of 3,200 USD, starting at 15,600 USD

ORA Funky Cat is available in 401 km and 501 km versions.

ORA Chinese EV Brand Aims To Sell 6,000 Vehicles In Germany In 2023

ORA aims to sell 6,000 electric hatchbacks in Germany within a year. Let's sort it out together.

ORA Lightning Cat Launched In China, Price Starts At 26,000 USD

The Lightning Cat offers three cruising range options under CLTC conditions: 555 km, 600 km, and 705km.

ORA Lightning Cat Is Probably The Coolest Chinese Car Of 2022

The new Ora Lightning Cat is a serious contender for Coolest Chinese Car of the Year.

ORA Lightning Cat Arrived At Dealers In China, Launch On October 27

The Lightning Cat, a four-door fastback sedan, will be officially launched on October 27 and delivery will start immediately, according to ORA. It is...

ORA Funky Cat & WEY Coffee 01 Earn 5 Stars in Euro-NCAP Safety Ratings

Today, European vehicle safety rating body, Euro-NCAP, released the results of its fifth round of safety ratings, where two Chinese cars ORA Funky Cat...

ORA Ballet Cat Sales Started In China With 500-KM Range And Starting Price Of 28,700 USD

The ORA Ballet Cat is, perhaps, the most feminine mass-production car ever made. ORA launched the Ballet Cat in May 2022. And now, its...

ORA Ballet Cat Launched On The Chinese Car Market – Aimed At Females With A “Warm Man Mode” For Those Cold Menstruation Periods

The hotly anticipated ORA Ballet Cat has been launched on the Chinese car market. The Ballet Cat is the car Volkswagen wished they had...

WEY Yuanming Is A Retro Dream Come True In China

Spy shots showing a test car for the upcoming WEY Yuanming, a cool retro-style hatchback set to launch on the Chinese car market in...

ORA Lightning Cat Is A Mini Porsche Panamera From China

China's ORA is a big fan of the Volkswagen Group. Earlier on we met the ORA Ballet Cat, their take on the classic Volkswagen...