Ferrari 458 Spider at Full Speed in China

Published on May 20, 2013 by Tycho de Feijter

Ferrari 458 Spider at Full Speed in China

A white Ferrari 458 Spider at high speed, seen from a taxi on the Airport Expressway in Beijing. The speedy Spider passed by like the lightning, it did at least 250 where my old Hyundai taxi managed a shaky 120. The Spider was slightly sexed up with a set of special spider-like alloys and yellow brake calipers. Price for the Ferrari 458 Spider starts at 4.43 million yuan (715.000 USD) in China.

Time now, for our Extremely Famous China-Ferrari 458 Collection: license, with Roller, pinkish Spyder, license (458AX), shiny red, matte gray, license (458MW), shiny green, China Limited Edition 2, on a truck, matte purpleblue Spider, bling, crashed, China Limited Edition, shiny red & matte black, baby bluecrashedpink (scroll down), China Limited Edition debutpurple, with horse, crashed, pink, silver, some silver & some white, and with a friend.

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